What we do?

  • Discussion and focus groups.
  • In depth interviews.
  • Ethnography and visual anthropology.
  • Projective tests according to the project (psychodrama, conflict, storytelling… to name a few).
  • Desk Research (with multiple sources).
  • Laddering technique.
  • Concept screening, development and sequential recycling.

  • New positioning platforms for existing brands.
  • New product ideas for existing brands and platforms.
  • Architecture and strategy rethinking for brands and categories.
  • New and transformative experiences for marketing teams. Breakthrough: status-quo challenging workshops with stuck brands. New trends and ideas searching applied to concrete brand/category/product cases.
  • Green housing: ideas planting, development and maintenance.

  • Back to Basics (BTB)®: What is research? The Brief composition, what is an insight?
  • BTB-2® - In depth qualitative methodologies: What’s the right methodology for each case? (Strengths and weaknesses). Work secrets applied to concrete cases.
  • BTB-3® - Study design based in a concrete Brief: A real case, for each phase: what to look for, looking for quality, how to ensure depth, the best practices in each stage of the research.
  • THE INNOVATION FUNNEL: from the idea seed to the launch: which steps it has to go through and how it gets to be a fruit-rich tree for your brand? Which nutrients the research delivers?
  • Others: according to the specific need of the client.